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Let Me Game in Peace

NovelLet Me Game in PeaceLet Me Game in Peace
Chapter 1304 – Give it a try pretty illustrious
Zhou Wen was still apprehensive while he experimented with just a few distinct Partner Beasts. The results was a similar. They forgotten about him.
Zhou Wen already acquired plans to beat for his existence. He quickly flew out of the ape claw and grabbed the hilt of Immortal Culling Sword.
You aren’t allowing me depart, nor would you eliminate me however you allow me to leave the turtle sh.e.l.l. From the appears of this, it’s most likely that they want me to arrangement the Guardian…
As he arrived above the natural stone artifact, he discovered the Guardian coc.o.o.n inside along with his own view. The Guardian coc.o.o.n seemed to be a piece of rock and roll, about the same tone as being the jewel artifact. If one didn’t look very carefully, they might blunder the rock included in the jewel artifact.
At last, Zhou Wen walked into the glowing-haired ape’s side and walked previous its legs. He at last still left this tropical isle-like turtle sh.e.l.l.
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Ultimately, Zhou Wen walked for the golden-haired ape’s aspect and walked recent its hip and legs. He lastly kept this tropical isle-like turtle sh.e.l.l.
With a imagined, Zhou Wen summoned a Poison Bat and have it to fly on the space between your glowing-haired ape as well as dark-gray ape.
Because their mission listed here was to secure the Guardian coc.o.o.n, be it voluntary or perhaps not, the one that made this definitely possessed a means to make sure they are get rid of anyone that arrived listed here.
Gradually, he had three steps. Zhou Wen carefully moved out because he discovered the 4 apes’ allergic reactions. Once they got any terrible effect, Zhou Wen would immediately cease and imagine another solution.
My Lady of Doubt
Zhou Wen felt uneasy.
Thankfully, what Zhou Wen was anxious about didn’t transpire. The Poison Bat flew away from the turtle sh.e.l.l’s variety without the four apes attacking it.
Nonetheless, becoming stuck in this article wasn’t a solution. Zhou Wen designed on probing the way in which.
“It’s excellent hunting when you never infiltration. Many of us are men here. A gentleman functions his tongue, not his fists… Pui… Never make use of tongue either…” Zhou Wen suddenly thought about the flood dragon’s results and hurriedly altered his thoughts.
Even so, they remained quiet with virtually no manifestation. They searched like ancient monks in mind-calming exercise. Besides staring at Zhou Wen, they didn’t do anything whatsoever different.
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The four apes still didn’t end him, when he wanted to abandon, he was caught by the black-gray ape just as before.
The owner from the claw was the black color-gray-haired ape.
Zhou Wen was actually a life individual with Terror-grade strength—a one who was efficient at spatial power. He wasn’t that easily transferred.
As a way to teleport anything from a huge number of meters apart was no imply feat—it was a thing Zhou Wen couldn’t do.
“My dear ape brothers, do you need me to plan the Guardian inside the coc.o.o.n?” Zhou Wen asked just as before since he stared at them, wishing to determine some thing.
Zhou Wen gritted his pearly whites and aimed to leave behind the turtle sh.e.l.l yet again.
Regardless of whether he used Skies-Stealing Sunlight-Swapping, he was required to depart a tag. Still, the dark colored-gray ape had teleported him into its palm. This is much harder than Atmosphere-Stealing Sunlight-Swapping.
With a imagined, Zhou Wen summoned a Poison Bat and obtained it to travel on the space in between the golden-haired ape and also the black colored-gray ape.
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There’s the opportunity!
Zhou Wen noticed somewhat despondent.
G.o.d bless me. When I can profit safely on this occasion, I assurance that I’ll offer you three incense sticks every day and perform the routine of showering and eating vegetarian meals to get a month…
When he turned up across the material artifact, he discovered the Guardian coc.o.o.n inside with his individual view. The Guardian coc.o.o.n seemed to be a sheet of rock, approximately the same color because the stone artifact. If a person didn’t appearance carefully, they would error the stone contained in the stone artifact.
Regardless if he utilised Sky-Stealing Sunlight-Swapping, he were forced to keep a symbol. Yet, the dark-gray ape experienced teleported him into its palm. That was harder than Atmosphere-Stealing Sun-Swapping.
Zhou Wen was emotion energized that he got finally escaped. All he essential to do was abandon this dimensional area.
The homeowner on the claw was the dark colored-grey-haired ape.
Zhou Wen was alarmed. He had clearly sensed spatial powers. Moreover, it turned out a spatial electrical power that was with a more impressive range than his Singularity Universe and G.o.dfiend Time.
There’s a possibility!
The Rich Mrs. Burgoyne
Zhou Wen contemplated it and experienced that it really was accurate.
Having said that, staying caught in this article wasn’t a resolution. Zhou Wen designed on probing the way in which.

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